A psychic visit to a clairvoyant…✨

So after struggling to “connect up” a little bit or putting my own obstacles in the way, for choice of better words. Could I find house number 116 where my clairvoyant lived? No, not really! I drove up and down until I eventually found it, laughing to myself that I was meant to be intuitive! I had just found out I was pregnant so I blamed the term baby brain for any blockages or repeats of daft actions, like putting the sugar in the fridge!

I loved visiting this lady, she was so accurate and inspiring!”Hello……..you may be intuitive but you couldn’t find my house,” she laughed   “And your pregnant, congratulations,” she said but “your Nan is here and wants me to tell you off”.

*Sat there thinking of anything embarrassing I may have done recently!*

“You can do this yourself, you’re a medium, practise, join a circle or whatever, you’ll be doing this and it’s great we need more of us.”

We sat and discussed our healing  and meditation techniques. I actually knew all of what she said was true, but wanted to be as quick and as sharp as her, like she said, we have that within us already. Our intuition is right there.

Somethings may look a certain way but be completely different. Some people may be intuitive and see using their third eye, others may be clairaudient (clear hearing) some clairsentient (clear feeling) or all of them. We’re all different and for great reasons too! Someone once said to me, salt looks like sugar but they are  ‘completely different. X


Hay house 

I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling saddened learning about Louise Hay’s transition today. 

This lady was and still is incredible, she published amazing books and her whole attire based upon promoting good in the world 🌎 for nothing but happiness in her heart. 

I sincerely hope more lightworkers come to the surface and carry on the progress she implemented.  What an inspiration.  😇

✨ Signs From The Universe 🌎✨

When you ask for a sign… do you ask for signs? Do you notice the them when they present themselves to you? I am the first to admit, it is SO easy to miss these signs as we go about our busy lives!

One morning, after pondering on what I should write about next, I asked for a clear sign from the universe, I had a huge gut feeling it was LOA, but I ignored my intuition that day and set about my day with the kids and decided to let it just come to me when it was meant to. Not only did I learn to recognise signs, but also to trust my inner guide in the first place.

Our day begun, on a nice walk through nature to a nearby park for the kids to play. I had completely let go, forgotten about seeking signs and was just having fun with my kids. Chatting away on our way back, my eldest (7) ran towards the road, “I’ll press the button mum,” as they do! Whilst waiting at the crossing, in the distance, a car that was coming towards the lights had stopped, but really far back that I had to squint to see what they were doing, I could just about see the lady trying to wave us across, it was such a bright sunny day. As I glanced back at the red car, as it was so odd how far back they stopped and grabbed my attention, to only set my eyes on her number plate, of course it only ended in LOA!!!  Law of Attraction!

These things are always happening to me, and to you, whether you notice or not. The delight on my face was a picture, especially to the other members of the public nearby us. Maybe one of them had asked for a sign that day, to do with a random happy stranger, who will look like they’ve just struck gold…

You see, once we understand the way the universe communicates with us, the more we recognise and our connection and experience becomes easier for us. So much importance can be placed on sign seeking when they’re often delivered through life itself, what some people refer to as ‘coincidences’ or through a friend or a neighbour.

Pay more attention to things around you, you might see mug with a certain phrase on it, you may have heard a special song on the radio twice that week, a person could have used the same phrase as some one else has just done, you always see repetitive numbers such as 11:11 or 9:11 on clocks and receipts, overheard certain conversations the universe wants you to hear, when a song pops in your head or a surprise from a friend. We have to try and listen to these repetitive signs that the universe is trying to get our attention.

N. x

A celebrity insight! A spiritual celeb who gave me the best advice for writing ….

Once upon a time, I dared, completely braved it and I am so happy I did. I have always loved the idea of creative writing, reaching out to others in the hope it can soothe a persons anxieties that day, make them feel supported, giving a gentle “hey it’s okay”. I’m a believer that any tough lessons of compassion you’ve had in your past, you can certainly give another person the most relieving gift of “hey I’ve been there”.

So being the spiritual person I am, (I’m a reiki & Crystal therapies practitioner as an insight!) I wanted to write about uplifting quotes and spiritual experiences, my reply actually put me on my journey and I’ve not put my pen down since!

She replied (I will respect her privacy regarding names) “I am working on something it will be with you soon”.  How exciting, I think I checked my inbox everyday waiting for exciting quotes!! By this point, I had been feeling a little disheartened….a couple of companies had turned me down. So what I wrote on paper asking for, may have been contradicted through my thoughts and here’s what that law of attraction gave me.

A response to my thoughts, not my words….

Her email blew me away, it was as though she had psychically responded to my energy I’d put out there and again not my written question …

She said in so many words that..”before I wrote my books, I had people turning me down,” “I experienced people saying,” “why do you want to write about that, no one will buy them!” Or “they’ll never get published.” She said she was glad to have been so naive to judgment and lack of experience of failure because it pushed her further, it pushed her to show everyone who ever put her down, that she could do it! She almost wanted to say “who’s laughing now”.  That was not her character,  clearly an ego’s response as being spiritually inclined, she knew that it was their naivety too. A reflection maybe? So she went on to sell books, appear on TV and radio helping people across the globe with her lightworking experiences raising consciousness.  Mine too, as I couldn’t be more greatful for her choice of interaction with me that day. She began my story, she encouraged me to go for it, have confidence throughout success or failure as it’s all part of growth and without the tough times you wouldn’t feel such gratitude and enlightenment at the top.  Just like how she responded to my thoughts that day.

So, for anyone who thinks they may fear the process of their book writing ahead of them, for fear of failure or humility, you have a choice. That is to keep your energies high and embrace failure for disguised encouragement. 💕
Nikki x

⭐️Card reading for Fri 25th August⭐️

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⭐️ Positive Thoughts Create Positive Results ⭐️ 
❤️This situation calls for uplifting thoughts, which are the magic ingredients you’ve been looking for. Although you may protest you have a positive mindset already, you are being urged to purge your thoughts and speech of worries and negativity that could contradict your manifestations!

You can tell how constructive your thoughts are by paying attention to recent events in your life, there is a direct correlation between positive thinking & the positive results. 

Additional meanings ~ meditate, take time for you, slow it down, don’t rush, enjoy being in the moment. Use positive affirmations. If reaches you today, all is well ❤️
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N. x

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